A Sense of Serenity - Margaret Miklos - Aromatherapy and Reflexology for Health and Wellbeing
                                                 Welcome to my website 
introducing Aromatherapy Massage and Reflexology based in Berkshire!        
If you're looking for ultimate relaxation and an improved sense of well being  you've come to
the right place... 
I am a fully qualified and registered, Aromatherapist and Reflexologist, offering
holistic therapeutic treatments specifically tailored to your comfort and well-being. Whether you need 
a,"de-stress" treatment or you simply wish to relax and unwind, come along for an aromatherapy or reflexology treatment and experience the benefits! This will be your time for comfort and relaxation so treat yourself to a well deserved pamper and book an appointment today! Looking for that special gift for family and friends?  Why not purchase, aromatherapy or reflexology treatment gift vouchers, available on request. Not sure what complementary therapy treatment to try? I can help you choose the most suitable one for you.  
Aromatherapy and Reflexology treatments are complementary therapies that can help improve your sense of well-being and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Treatments take place in quiet, private, comfortable surroundings based in Charvil, Berkshire. "A Sense of Serenity" is committed to providing high quality complementary therapy treatments, unique, to each and every individual client. 
The reflexologist applies a sequence of hand movements and pressure-point massage to reflex points on the feet which correspond to each part of the body. This can have an overall harmonising and calming effect, improve mood and promote relaxation. By helping to relieve tension it can aid sleep, leaving you with an improved sense of well being.
Reflexology treatments can be relaxing, soothing and also energising.
A full consultation is included in the initial treatment.
An aromatherapy treatment consists of an aromatherapy massage to the body, using natural essential oils. The essential oils are extracted from various parts of plants, fruits, flowers, bark, roots, or resin, and when used in aromatherapy massage can help induce a calm and soothing overall effect. Clients find the
combination of the natural essential oils and the massage an extremely relaxing and comforting experience.
A full consultation is included in the initial treatment.
To book an appointment or for further information contact me by phone or email.